Outdoor Furniture Fit For Any Space

Whether you have a big backyard, 5th room or a cosy balcony, the right furniture and decor can transform any outdoor space.
Here are our top tips to style spaces of any size.



5th Room

Get smart with your spare space. Whether it’s a sunroom for light-filled reading or a playroom for the kids,
decide where you’ll place your furniture first, then work a theme around your setting.

Need inspiration? Here are our top tips:
• Create a relaxed vibe with cushions and throws.
• Add a coffee table and enjoy a cup of tea while soaking up the sun or reading a book.
• Add some kids’ toys and books to encourage using the space for fun activities


Small BalconyKeep it simple. The feature piece of any small space should be furniture, as it will take up the most room.

Here are a few extra tips for styling your space
• Add extra personality to your space with ornaments, plants and printed cushions
• Colourful cushions can brighten up the space and easily create a cosy, inviting space.
• Add pots of various shapes and sizes to maximise space and add height and depth to any space.



Large Backyard

Try zoning your backyard into two or even three spaces! Zoning a bigger space breaks it up and puts every inch to good use.
It makes a big space seem even bigger and allows you to use a wide variety of design elements.

Take a look at our tips for decorating your backyard space below:
• Monochrome works wonders on a big space, creating a bold, modern look.
• Fresh flowers outdoors look amazing on the table, so get in the garden and get picking!
• Add lots of plants and large pots to transform your space and section off areas.



Please note: The products featured in this story are available to purchase in store from 28th July until 21st August 2016.


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