10 Must Have BBQ Accessories for the Best Grill Party

10 Must Have BBQ Accessories for the Best Grill Party

Having a BBQ is one of the best ways to have fun with friends and family outdoors. If you set up your backyard or patio in a way that allows you to grill delicious foods right there, you’ll be able to enjoy this activity anytime. However, you shouldn’t forget that installing a fire pit isn’t enough. There are several must have BBQ accessories you will need to cook the best grilled dishes outdoors.

These BBQ essentials are:

#1 Fuel

There can be no BBQ without a fire, so fuel is the first thing you need to buy. For a fire pit you’ll need charcoal or wood and a few sheets of paper to get the fire started.

#2 Chimney starter

It’s an invaluable tool not only for BBQ lovers but also for everyone who has a fireplace. You won’t have to bother with lighter fluid to start the coals as this great device allows you to do this within a few seconds with only a few pieces of paper. To make lighting the fire easier, get the biggest starter you can find.

#3 Long-handled tongs

Forget about grilling forks as tongs are much more efficient and easier to handle. You don’t have to be a pro to use them right. Be sure to buy the sturdiest type made of steel.

As far as must have BBQ accessories go, this one actually helps enhance the taste of your meat, as tongs don’t pierce it (unlike forks), so all the delicious juices stay inside.

#4 Long-handled basting brush

This tool got on the list of BBQ essentials because it allows you to make your BBQ more delicious by applying sauce while the meat is on the grill. Pick the model with bristles made from heat-resistant silicone.

#5 Long-handled grill brush

Get a stiff-wire brush to clean the grate more effectively.

#6 Instant-read thermometer

You’ll need it to gauge the temperature in order to grill the meat perfectly.

#7 Fire extinguisher

Accidents can happen anytime, so you should always have a fire extinguisher within easy reach. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

#8 Flashlight

You can easily cook amazing steaks in the evening if you have a flashlight to check the meat. You can also buy specialized grill lights. If so, go for LED or solar-power models as they are most energy efficient.

#9 Paper towels

Use them to wipe spills right away as it makes cleaning easier.

#10 Aluminium foil

It will help you protect delicate foods while grilling. Use for fish and vegetables.

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