The Great Outdoors & Your Health

The Great Outdoors & Your Health

It wasn’t long ago that kids would go outside and play all day long until called in for dinner.  Not so much anymore. Some parents have a hard time getting their children to go outside for any length of time. There are many proven benefits outdoor activities have on your children’s development. In addition, sharing outdoor activities together also strengthens your family bond. Whether it is planning a day trip to a park or spending time in your own backyard, it makes no difference where you go, as long as you are outside.

Good for your health?

It is easy to make excuses to stay inside because simply put, that’s where the computer and TV are located.  So when someone says “there’s nothing to do outside” that’s where the problem begins.  So now we’ll cover excuses to go outside.  While there are many health benefits to being outside, here are just a few:

  • It helps the entire family unwind and get rid of stress, and try putting down the electronic devices for an even more enjoyable experience.
  • Boosts vitamin D hormone levels (yes, vitamin D turns into a hormone) and not just in adults, kids are suffering from vitamin D deficiencies, which can lead to many ailments. Keep in mind that sunscreen blocks vitamin D, so wait a few minutes to lather on the lotion.
  • If you stare at a computer for any length of time, going outside and focusing on objects that are further away than a computer screen, it can help prevent and maybe even reverse the symptoms caused by Computer Vision Syndrome.

What’s in the great outdoors for me?

If you open your back door and look around, what do you see?  Is there anything out there or is it bare? In this day and age, you may not already be an “outdoors” type of person, which makes it a little harder to spend time outside if there isn’t anything there.  This is true for both adults and children like to have a reason to go outside, so if your yard is empty, try putting things out there that will invite you to spend time in it.  Make it a habit to get outside, every single day.  Hang out in your favourite chair and soak in the outdoors, enjoy an outdoor meal.

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