How to Save Big on Outdoor Furniture

Frugal shoppers searching for the best deals on patio furniture want to know when the best time is to buy outdoor furniture.  There are a few suggestions for this. Some say the best time to buy outdoor furniture is in September right before the summer season begins. Others suggest that late summer is the best time to purchase furniture for your porch and outdoor deck.

 When to buy

While you can purchase outdoor furniture throughout the year, there are several months you can find better offers that allow you keep more money in your pocket, and include the furniture and accent pieces that will make your outdoor living area a warm and inviting place for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy every time you use it.

Early spring can be a great time to purchase your furniture, whether you are looking for a dining set, lounge, or day bed.  However, if you are going to go for it, you should do it sooner than later because if you wait, you run the risk of sellers running out of stock.  Since products go quickly, there’s a chance it will return before the end of summer, but there is no guarantee all items will be replenished.  So again, the key to it is to start looking soon.  If you don’t know what type you want, like timber or wicker, then you should do your homework first.  You don’t wind up with something you aren’t completely happy with.


You could also opt to purchase toward the end of summer, as retailers have leftovers that they are willing to part with for a little less.  One reason is it’s obviously the end of the season and because they need to make room for new items, things that we would normally look for that time of the year, like bedroom, dining room, living room, office furniture, and so on.



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